Apprenticeship Patterns – Record New knowledge

Hi everyone and welcome to another CS 448 Software Development Capstone blog. Today blog topic is about one of the individual apprenticeship patterns which happen to record what you learn. I wanted to read more about this pattern because I can relate. Ever since last semester I been writing many blogs and didn’t fully understand why I was posting them. At first, I thought this method of recording what I learn was to help us research more information and writing them as blogs would help us understand the material better. After reading this, I realize that it’s just more than blogging once per week. I understand that recording our journey helps keep vital resources, makes our journey explicit, and can be helpful to many others. I feel like after reading this individual apprenticeship pattern I will change the way I work because all this time I was blogging, I didn’t really blog for purpose and just blog because it was assigned so I think I will be more efficient when I blog now. I also picked up a new idea from reading this pattern which is to have two journal that is private and public. I can use the public for sharing what I have learned and gaining feedback and the private one for me, to be honest with my status in programming. I do agree that it best to have both because of the perks that each offer. I like when the record what you learn pattern state that Dave was constantly posting his journey for years and eventually, he had tons of resources that he then later uses later in his career. The reason why I like this statement is that it makes me more motivated when posting these blog assignments because I know that eventually, it will come in handy one day in my career. All in all, I felt like this individual apprenticeship pattern, record what you learn is very informative. I learned that every apprentice should keep a journal for their journey and try to write every day as one day it will help others and even help themselves.

Clean Code Blog 1

This week I decided to read a blog post for my blog entry. The blog post I read is titles “These tools will help you write clean code” by Adeel Imran. Before finding this blog post, I’ve had a general and basic idea about coding and how it should be written, but I haven’t understood in great detail how to properly write clean code. The reason I chose this blog is to learn and be able to use the clean coding techniques on my future projects so it will be easier for other people read.

Clean code is extremely important in becoming a strong software engineer and when working in a team having clean code is a must so your teammates can understand your code. The blog opens up by saying that in more or less all software engineering jobs you will be working with a new code base at one point or another and that inconsistency is a big fundamental problem when working with different code bases. The author ends the blog by saying “In the end, coding is writing” and as a developer our responsibility is to maintain a consistently so it will make our code easy to follow when being looked over.

Besides all of the great resources that it gives, a major takeaway from this blog that I will apply immediately to my next project is using clearer names. Before reading this blog if I wouldn’t put much effort into naming things in my project but I learned that applying clear names not only improves readability, but boosts the context making the intent of the code easier to read. If I am to use clear names it will help the reader understand more quickly.

My goal is to become a software engineer and in the CS program sometimes it is hard for me to write clean code because I am focusing on other parts of the assignment or don’t have this labeled well. This article has given me ways to write clean, effective code in the future and I hope it can do the same for you.

Code Reviews -Blog 1

Hello readers, welcome back. This week I will be talking about code reviews and why they are essential to the testing process in computer science. I read  a blog titled “what is code review and why is it so important” by Eugene L. who is a project manager. He begins his blog by talking about how code reviews is a great form of communication between team members and for junior developers, they can become more proficient through this communication and at the same time help improve the code. Although code reviews are used to spot bugs, they have resulted in teams understanding each other better which companies enjoy. Another point brought up in Eugene’s post is that code reviews increase productivity. Because the code will be reviewed by someone else  the developer will be motivated to write better code and make sure its flawless. Finally another reason code reviews are essential is that it helps the developer understand the product better and as a result will be able to communicate better .

This blog had great points and helped me understand why code reviews are  so important to when testing. When it comes to myself, sharing code hasn’t always been a strong suit with me because I tend to get nervous when other people view. I understand that I’m not the best and I understand after reading the blog that one of the ways to improve is by having my peers review my code. Feedback is necessary to have successful code reviews. If you’re working on a project with someone else or a team, you would want to make sure that everyone understands your code and how it effects the product, as a result it will improve the team chemistry. In my recent projects that I have had in my, I try to make sure that my code is understandable. Code reviews are a crucial part in testing and with them, the product will be much better than it would be without it.